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Ethical is what we do.

Our mission at LAmade is to inspire people to grow into their best selvesby creating opportunities through ethical manufacturing andbuilding relationships that form a loving community.


Made with Love in LA

As an active member of the slow fashion community, LAmade knows just how important the people behind the clothes are. Established in 2004 by immigrants who came to the U.S. with the American Dream, we made it our mission to create ethical contemporary women’s clothing that wasn’t created at the expense of our employees.

Los Angeles is our inspiration for every collection. Its culture and diverse people make it the greatest city for opportunities and chasing dreams.


我们的工厂. 我们的家庭.

If you couldn’t tell by the name of our brand, having our factory located in LA is very important to us! It’s the best way to ensure that our employees are working in great conditions, and it allows us to listen to their feedback on how we can help improve their work experience. We are proud to be one of the few US brands that makes all of our clothing in the same city (and building!) that our offices are in.

We make sure to give our employees benefits such as:

  • Living Wages
  • Health Care Coverage
  • Paid Vacation Time
  • Paid Sick Leave

From our family-owned DTLA factory, we create essential pieces made by essential people who care about the pla网’s well being.


Biodegradable is Better

In an effort to support our local economy and reduce our carbon footprint, over 95% of LAmade fabrics are sourced from premium Los Angeles vendors that are located within 10 miles from us.

In addition to that, we use our superstar fabric, Lenzing Modal in 80% of our clothing. Lenzing Modal is a fabric that requires very little water usage, is biodegradable, and is made from nature. It’s also INCREDIBLY soft, so be sure to stock up! All of our material info is listed on each product description.

For more info on Modal, click here:

Sustainable Fabrics

Eco 车 Carbon Neutral

Enter Eco车! A seamless process of donating to a sustainable initiative like taking care of the rainforest, is completed all by checking that option in your virtual shopping cart. Saving Earth has never been easier.

Recycled Plastic Bags

When “reduce, reuse and recycle” is used for fashion brands, it doesn’t just stop at the clothing - our packaging needs to be sustainable as well. That’s why we only source with materials that are “vintage” aka made of recycled materials. Our bags are made of non-virgin plastic that can be recycled again.

Our brand was founded on the American Dream. Our founder Jack Chang and his wife Georgia Chang migrated from Taiwan in the 70s to Los Angeles in the search of opportunities for their family. They started out from scratch with a passion in apparel; designing and selling kids clothing in their own shop located at DTLA Santee Alley. As their business started growing, Jack wanted to help other immigrants pursue their own American Dream. After opening his own clothing factory, he created job opportunities to help the LA economy thrive and continues to make great quality clothing that we are known for today.

With his son Elbert Chang on board as CEO, we have taken that foundation and grown into a business where we want to do more than just make a great product. We want to make an impact in our community.

That is what being LAmade is about. Being creative. Making an impact in the community. Chasing your dreams.

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